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[Don’t be Affraid and Don’t Lie]


By :


Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Romance PG15One Shot

 Starring :

Lee Jongsuk Lee Howon [Infinite Hoya]

Kim Myungsoo [Infinite L] Son Dongwoon [Beast]

Ryu Hyoyoung [5 Dolls] as Kwon Jinhye

Park Jiyeon [T-ara] as Sung Hyesang

Lee Ahreum as Jo Eunbi & Jo Eunhwa


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Kick Off Euforia



Euforia Poster copy

By :

Christie Sue, Chelsea Lee, and thecuties

Friendship | Sport | Romance | Drama | Comedy | PG-17 | Series

Cast :

Lee Chaerin (OC), Cha Seungwon

Other Cast :

Ok Taecyeon (2PM), Nichkhun Horvejkul (2PM), Hwang Chansung (2PM),Yoon Doojoon (BEAST), Son Dongwoon (BEAST), Kim Sunggyu (INFINITE), Lee Sungjong (INFINITE), Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE), Lee Sungyeol (INFINITE), Nam Woohyun (INFINITE), Lee Howon (INFINITE), Jang Dongwo (INFINITE), Kim Minjong, Shin Donghee (SJ), Park Sungrin (OC), Shin Gaeul (OC), Ryu Eunhwa (OC), Ji Eunbi (OC)

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