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그리움이 닿는 곳에 [Still I Miss You]


Still I MissYou

[Sequel of Before the Dawn]

still I miss you- 

By :


| Romance, Birthday Fict | PG 17 | One shot |


Casts :

Kim Myungsoo

Ryu Eunhwa (OC)

Supporting Casts :

Infinite member, Infinite’s manager : Geonam

Joo Sangwook & Lee Minjung




Wish every good things for you.

Yeongwonhi saranghae ❤


FF ini supppper geje sekali coz I’m lil bit unwell and this week is so tiring. So mianhae coz this is so weird and boring

Apologize for any mistakes




 Still, I miss you… as much as the leaves fall in autumn, as much as snow covering the ground all winter, as much as flowers bloom in the spring and as much as sunlight all summer.

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