— 늘 그 자리에 (Honesty) by thecuties

— 너 나 알아 You Know Me? by Chelsea

— 모르시나요(Don’t You Know?) by Chelsea

실망 (Silmang) (Choi Siwon) by Christie Sue


5 Songs Challenge : A Cure for Broken Heart by Christie Sue

5 Songs Challenge : It’s 02.00 PM by Chelsea Lee

5 Songs Challenge : It’s Wedding Time by ansicangel

5 Songs Challenge : Love Cycle by thecuties

6 Songs Challenge : It’s Baby Time by Christie Sue

7 Songs Challenge : Spring Blossom to Summer Sky by Chelsea Lee

8 Songs Challenge : At The Beach by Christie Sue

10 Songs Challenge : Love is in The Air by thecuties

13 Songs Challenge : The Bitter Side of Love by thecuties


Almost by thecuties

Author : A Joseon’s Tale by Chelsea

Autumn Blossom by Chelsea


Because I Like You by thecuties

Breakeven by thecuties

Birthday Surprise by Christie Sue


Coffee and TV by Christie Sue


Daehan Gongju (Princess of Korea) by Chelsea

Driven by Christie Sue


Expectation (Kim Myungsoo) by Kuruta Winn


Faith (Sequel of Expectation) by Kuruta Winn

First Time (Lee Sungjong) by ansicangel

Forsythia by Chelsea


Heartbreaker by Christie Sue

Honey Doojooni by Chelsea


I Hate You When… by thecuties

I’m not a Monster by ansicangel

In The Summer by Chelsea

It was Snowing in My Heart by Christie Sue


Little Lady in Paradise by Chelsea


Mr. Bossy & Ms. Expression (Nam Woohyun) by thecuties

Mystery by Chelsea


Playmaker and Goal by Chelsea

Plum Blossom Kiss (Sungyeol’s Birthday) by Chelsea


Request by Chelsea


Saengil Cukkhae, Eomma by Christie Sue

Sagwa Agasshi by Chelsea

Sky Affair by thecuties


Tuan Nona Kesepian by thecuties

The Fact (Jang Hyunseung) by Miss Sunshine

The Last Race by Chelsea

Try Again, Smile Againt (CN Blue) by Ryu Chan Kudo


Unspoken by Christie Sue


Wangseja-ui Hwa : The Peach Blossom by Chelsea

Wrong Feeling by Christie Sue


You by thecuties

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