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Complexity [Part 3]


poster new complexity

Drama, Family, Romance |Chapter | PG-17

Cast :

Song Joongki
Kim Junghoon
Song Nun-ah (OC)
Kang Minhwa (OC)
Byun Baekhyun (EXO-K) as Kang Baekhyun
Park Chanyeol (EXO-K) as Kang Chanyeol

Previous Chapter :

Part 1 | Part 2

This FF I present for Nana Eonni 🙂
Please, forgive me if I have mistakes *deep bow*

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Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn

[Special L’s Birthday FF]

BTD new

By :


| Romance |Songfict  | PG 17| One shot |


Casts :

Kim Myungsoo [Infinite L]

Kim Jiwon as Jo Eunhwa (OC)

Supporting Casts :

All Infinite members, Infinite’s manager and cordy,

Kim Moonsoo (Myungsoo’s little brother), parents.


♪♪♪•*•    Before the dawn    •*•♪♪♪



Previously was posted in School of Fanfiction for Myungsoo’s birthday last year.

This part contains some editing.

Apologize for any mistakes.



♪♪♪•*•    Before the dawn    •*•♪♪♪


 I Myungsoo-ya, I miss you… as much as the leaves fall in autumn, as much as snow covering the ground all winter, as much as flowers bloom in the spring and as much as sunlight all summer.

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Autumn Story

poster pf autumn story

Autumn Story


Fluff, Romance | Oneshot | PG-17

Cast :

Lee Minho
Emma Watson as Joanne ‘Jo’ Stalin (OC)

Annyeong!! Sebenernya FF ini adalah project FF bulan lalu, tetapi karena masih terkena WBS akut, saya menundanya T_T. Rencana buat Ficlet, tetapi ternyata kebablasan jadi Oneshot wkwkwk.

Jeongmal mianhae kalau bahasanya rada amburadul alias berantakan *deep bow*


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Author : A Joseon’s Tale


A Joseon’s Tale




Saeguk PG17One Shot:-1.500 words


Starring :

Park Hasun Han Hyojoo as Queen

Kim Soyeon as Yoon Soyeon Lee Yeonhee as Park Wol

Kim Kibum [Suju]  Song Jongho 

Lee Junki Song Joongki as King


Previously posted on Summer Fiction

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