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Honey Doojooni

Honey Doojooni

Ich liebe dich, Honig

honey doojooni



Mareiage Life – Romance PG17Ficlet -1.000 words


Starring :

Yoon Doojoon [Beast]

Jo Eunhwa (OC)


This fiction written before Kick Off ends .

It was inspired by Kick Off, imaging the life of JoonHwa couple after marriage.

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Honey Doojooni

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[Don’t be Affraid and Don’t Lie]


By :


Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Romance PG15One Shot

 Starring :

Lee Jongsuk Lee Howon [Infinite Hoya]

Kim Myungsoo [Infinite L] Son Dongwoon [Beast]

Ryu Hyoyoung [5 Dolls] as Kwon Jinhye

Park Jiyeon [T-ara] as Sung Hyesang

Lee Ahreum as Jo Eunbi & Jo Eunhwa


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A Walk to Remember : Like a Wind

A Walk to Remember

[Chapter 2]

From Nicholas Sparks’s Novel and A Walk to Remember the movie


Love is like a wind,

You can’t see it, but you can feel it

By :


Drama, RomancePG15Two Shoots

 Starring :

Bae Sooji[Miss A]


Kim Myungsoo

Kim Sunggyu LeeSungyeol Nam Woohyun

Jang DongwooLeeHowon Lee Sungjong

Choi Jinri [FX] Yoo Ara [Hello Venus]


Music : A Walk to Remember original soundtrack

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